Saturday, February 26, 2005

Scott Gusts New Mix

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Scott Gusts MIXES online!!!
SOMA SESSIONS volume 2(mp3)

New Flyers added to gallery...

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Thanks to Star IV, we've got about 20 new flyers posted to our flyer gallery! These are some aged event flyers that you may have missed out on.

To check them out, go here.


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I wonder who else raved last night? If you made it to the Gisi afterhours, you were privvy to a great (and very rare) experience. It was like being back at 916 (happy birthday Trish) again. Dark room, one colored light, dancing in the darkness... totally fantastic!

Nigel Richards really kept the night going after a couple great sets from Clarity and Dextrious. What I'm sure of is that the afterhours went off last night. Shortly after Nigel's set, the night died out... but what do you expect in Fargo at 5am? All in all, an A++ night... Thanks Jason.

I've got some studio stuff to attend to and some fresh music to find. Tune in to Radio Free Fargo at 7pm (cst) tonight for my radio program, THE F-M EXPERIMENT. Click >>HERE<< to link directly to the high stream(96k) or >here< for the dialup stream (24k).

Friday, February 25, 2005

Studio back in action!

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Awww yeah! The studio for the coldest of the cold has been re-assembled! Last night's drinking at home payed off. My MOTU Recording system has been re-installed, the off-kilter tables have all been made level, and speaker shelves have been hung.

I'm still missing the power conditioner for my MIDI interface, but as of today the room sounds great!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Site for news research

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My favorite stream...

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If you've ever wondered where DJ Joyride gets his stylistic influence, you can hear it first hand with your favorite radio stream application.

Especially when I'm studying or working on hands-on projects, I am constantly tuned into Limbik Frequencies! They've got the best and fastest growing of DUB and GLITCHY ambient tunes, many of which I can't find anywhere else on the web. Most of these liquid tracks come from abroad; featured on sites where english is clearly not the language of choice. The music that I deejay certainly doesn't sound like this, but I think that this stream puts into my head the flow of my sets.

A really nice feature of this stream is the ability to request songs via the Limbik Frequencies Homepage, at

Tune in for just a half an hour and I'm sure you'll have an experience you'll wish you had discovered years ago! ;o)

Have a good one!
~~ Joyride~~

Joyride to play at Funktion... Tonight

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Funktion Line-up
Well... it seems, unfortunately, that another DJ is suffering from the same plague that I am just recovering from.

This means that I will be filling in for DJ KOI performing at Funktion tonight at the OB.

See you there!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

:: Impending Doom ::

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Check out DJ Clarity's fresh cuts on the Midwest's premier drum and bass presence on Webradio. Midwest Drum'N Bass presents ...

:: IMPENDING DOOM :: featurind DJ Clarity of Iced Breaks Entertainment
EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT from 9pm - 10pm CST (GMT-6)

To lListen, click this link:

Saturday, February 19, 2005

:::The FM Experiment:::

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I host a weeks radio program called
:::The FM Experiment::: at RadioFreeFargo (105.9FM)
You can catch it on the web from this stream: <--- Broadband (96k) <--- 24k Stream


First Audio Intro!

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this is an audio post - click to play

In Step with Iced Jocks

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In Step with Iced Jocks
Alright!!! We've got the NEWEST DJ Arson available ANYWHERE!!! Hear it first on

BREAKS, BASS 'N BOOTY features a very new sound to the West Coast... We're sure you haven't heard anything like it in the Mid-West, either.

Find the mix HERE

Early morning... a BREAKTHROUGH!!!

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Well, here it is. It seems that I've finally learned a totally new
technology. Here's to hoping that this blogging thing could really
expand the audience of Icedbreaks. I don't totally understand all of
the cool things it can do, but if I've got it all in my head right, it
could really bring a community together.

I hope to eventually send out announcements immediately when a new mix
gets posted. It'll be received by Icedbreaks fans that subscribe to our
*New Mix Notice* Blog feed and they'll get a notice in their browser
that a new mix is available... You'll then be able to click a link and
voila... the freshest music straight to your ears. I'm still trying to
get my brain around it, so bear with me.

I hope you look forward to growing with Icedbreaks as new ways to stay
in-touch emerge. This blog thing could be big... I've already got the
ability to call in MP3 recordings from houseparties... Directions
anyone? Woop!!!

Nicholas Goodroad
dj Joyride - Iced Breaks Entertainment

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lets get it started...

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Man, do I HATE that song... BEP, eat it.

On a brighter note, today is a GREAT day! I received some fresh vinyl today from Juno Records in the UK ( - in case you need a fix, too). Its like having Christmas any old time of year. I totally dig it!

Also, my cold/flu/plague has lifted from upon me!

I'm keeping this first one short... I'm anxious to see if this 'blogging' bit actually works. I've never been a web-file guru. I can make the web work, but when it comes to adding features... well -- Maybe you've seen my message board... its basically a hack.