Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mr. Bill hit by landslide, drops beats on crowd

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A couple of weekends ago, I joined my friend from NiirDanger Productions ( on a road trip from PDX to Seattle (Tacoma, actually) where she was to perform a belly dance for Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill is an Australian producer ( who was just wrapping his US Tour. He had sold out a TC Dubstep show in Minneapolis just weeks earlier, which caused some Midwest Pride to bubble up while I was talking with him.

Mr.Bill dropped some great music, I danced the entire time... but I'm posting today to share this story of his drive from Cali to Seattle. As it turns out, he was hit by a landslide --- literally. A massive tree smashed into his rental car.

After Bill's set I went to greet him at his vehicle before he tore off to his hotel. He was traveling with the cutest girl who begins to tell the story of the landslide...

This is the exciting tale of their rental car voyage:

(Download: right-click and 'Save As...')