Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Refreshing Sounds on the way....

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Sinfully, it has been too long since I've posted on this blog. Since April 27, here is what has been going on with the crew...

• The COP PORN show in Mandan, ND was a bust. I had a great weekend out with STAR IV and DEXTRIOUS. Got to play some great disc golf courses and entertain a dope afterhours, but for the most part, Jokers was empty. Maybe it was a Mothers' Day conflict that kept people from attending.

DJ Clarity is moving to a new residence in N. Fargo. If you live on Broadway, keep your ears perked up for some wikked bass.

STAR IV has made a couple of trips to the Duluth area to represent. Keeping the Villas alive with Hardcore Tim is a difficult task, but STAR IV was there in full effect. He played with OLEE at Rudy's and rocked the villa for hours.

Icedbreaks is in the process of purchasing a small Mackie Active PA system. We will have use it for all future house parties and DIY events.

STAR IV and CLARITY played for YOUR BREAK BEAT MY BREAK on May 21. Event info is on this blog and event comments are here on Saboingaden.

• I (Joyride) has been pryed away from the speaker stacks at the East Gate Lounge in leu of the jukebox. A bad move from our point of view, but what can you do. All apologies to you who really dug that sound.

• The last time we fired up the stacks at the East Gate, DJ ARSON was there to light up the new dancefloor on his SEX | POWER | OBSESSION homecoming tour. It was a great time with performances from ARSON, SPECIAL ED, STAR IV, IVORY DOME, DEADPAN DJ, and KOALA TEA. The sets from that night are available here and pictures from the second venue are here.

All The Muzik (ATM Netwerk) presents C'MON RIDE THAT TRAIN on June 24th. Performances by MAN FROM DISCO alongside SPECIAL ED on auxillary percussion, JOYRIDE, BAKTATR (back from Humboldt), and a SPECIAL GUEST. The show is at the Great Northern Brewery... more info here.

• Plans are in the works with Grindthieves, International for a new monthly event at the Fargo Theater. Stay tuned for more information.

That should pretty much catch you up...