Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years' Party! (a big maybe)

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Hey all. The Art de Trois dance has been postponed until tomorrow night... but we're working hard to get a BYOB, FREE event going on tonight at the same space. Stay tuned here or wait for a text message or call one of the DJs for details.

We've heard that liquor stores will be closing early, so take the time now to get your fix on lock. 

I hope to see you TONIGHT to ring in the REAL NEW YEAR....
There is a REAL chance we'll be snowed in tomorrow, so snacks and non-alcoholic beverages might also be a good idea.

DJ Joyride
Icedbreaks Entertainment

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE everyone! This just is from the Art de Trois team:

Due to this particularly strong blizzard in Fargo, the Art de Trois dinner, art auction, and dance are officially postponed. We will host all 3 events tomorrow night. We do hope that you will stay warm and safe tonight. We have even heard that the Hospital (walk'ins, etc) are closed.

Stay safe and warm... and we'll pretend this never happened --- TOMORROW NIGHT.

The Art de TEAM!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

TRON 3D: The Big Invitation

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We've been waiting for so long... but with a couple of key events coming on TRON: LEGACY opening weekend (BassBinge is on Friday and EJ's Birthday is Saturday), I'm going to subvert my desire to see Tron in order to see it with my best friends on Sunday! It'll be our christmas gift for ourselves.

Here are the details:

Tron 3D: Group Outing with Icedbreaks and Friends

Sunday, December 19 · 1:00pm - 3:30pm

LocationMarcus West Acres 14
4101 17th Avenue SW
Fargo, ND
Facebook Event

Friday, November 19, 2010

STAR IV Joins the Friday Night Frequency Sessions

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If you're not in the Fargo-Moorhead area, then this news may have passed you by... As of Halloween, DJ Star IV has a radio home Friday nights at KNDS 96.3FM at the 10 Spot:

It's called Bass Sick Beats... and you've never heard anything quite like it.

Tune in tonight (5pm - Midnight) and get excited for A Touch of Class tomorrow night at Jerry's Tavern. Details here: A Touch of Class Event . I spoke with AJent Orange about an hour ago and she is in the perfect mindset to rock our souls with a variety of quality tunes. The comedians are in tip-top shape... and the red carpet entry is being installed tonight!

See you tomorrow... but listen in tonight on KNDSradio 96.3FM (online)

~ Joyride

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Touch of Class (event) Nov. 20th

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Next Saturday, the crew and I are exploring a new idea for nightlife in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Before the winter arrives, we invite you and your most interesting friends to meet us and our most interesting friends. We're building a Touch of Class to be a social night, complete with billiards, darts and plenty of seating area. Your entertainment for the night includes 2 comedians, and a chance to get intimate with DJ Ajent Orange from Minneapolis.


Ajent Orange is resident DJ at a number of Minneapolis hotspots including Twilight, and Camp. AJ Has agreed to let us have it, engaging us throughout the night with a very extended 3+ hour set. :) Want a sample of AJs style? has a nice selection here.

Nick Wieme and T.L. Halverson will bring the funny next Saturday. Laughter is contagious and we'll all catch it together when two Fargo comics take the stage just before 11pm.  Whether you've had a crummy week or one of your best, this type of commotion will be a welcome change to Fargo's typical night-on-the-town. We've been following Nick and Torrey's stand-up work for months and we're sure you'll like it.

Please invite your most interesting friends to join us on Saturday night...  Arrive looking fly before 10pm and our photographer will give you a keepsake photograph to remember the night. 

Click the Invitation for More Information

Friday, May 28, 2010

Joyride and Star IV are Giggin' this Weekend!

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If you're in the Fargo-Moorhead area or even near it this weekend, you'll have a great time if you meet us DOWNTOWN! Icedbreaks DJ's Joyride and Star IV have big things going on...

  1. The FM Experiment - Tonight (Friday 6pm) on 96.3fm &

    DJ Joyride pumps underground/remix/mashup and brand new RPM music to get your weekend started proper. Stay tuned for electronic music EVERY friday night from 5pm - Midnight for the best of the underground throughout the Friday Night Freq

  2. Welcome To Our World v 7.0 - Saturday May 29th (9pm)

    Can't See the Video? Watch it here:

    DJ's Elich Normes
    (San Francisco)

    Joyride (Fargo - p.s. he plays at 10:30pm

    Jack Daddy (Fargo)

    Krags (Moorhead)
    Visuals & Lighting - VJAaron
    $5 Cover

  3. Lookbook with Star IV and Rock Say Rock  - Sunday May 30th (9:30pm)

    Lookbook (ex Passions Minneapolis electro pop)
    Star IV (Travis gets the party started)
    Rock Say Rock (the girls and boy return for last show???)

    Sunday, May 30th
    the Aquarium (Dempsey's Upstairs)
    $6 cover 9:30 Doors 10:30 Show 21+
    Drink Special: $3 Pounders

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Spirit of Hiroshima

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(Fargo, ND) On March 24th, 2010 the Sisters of Presentation Ministries hosted the North Dakota Peace Coalition event called The Spirit of Hiroshima.

Made possible with help from the Hiroshima Peace Museum in Hiroshima, Japan, this is a recording of a live Atomic Bomb Survivor testimony and question and answer session. Here is a link to another survivor testimony.

Live Web Conference: Fargo, North Dakota and Hiroshima, Japan. First 2:00 is preparation.

The Spirit of Hiroshima (Survivor Testimony) from on Vimeo.

Reference Map: [download]

August 9, 1945 : Hiroshima, Japan Atomic Bomb Drop Site and Fallout

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our first U-Stream session at Icedbreaks Entertainment...

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I traded video quality for audio quality... and that was a pretty poor decision. I think I could've kept both.

Vincent Farvard and I met during Culture Shock and Secret Stereo Pt.4 last weekend in Grand Forks, ND. He is a very versatile DJ from France, also a student at NDSU. He stopped by our studio before his last final. Tuesday he is headed to France for the summer. Look for Vincent and I to do some shows in the fall of 2010.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Is AnG

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AnG (Angela Hunt) is an emerging pop artist from North Dakota. Some of my good friends at Innovator & Einstein have put together a few tracks with her and I think that they're onto something. I never thought that they'd be working on such pop music, but it works.

To all readers and fans of Icedbreaks, enjoy these couple of tunes from AnG. My favorite is "Wishy Washy." Don't let it get stuck in your head just yet... more music is coming soon.

~ Joyride


Friday, February 26, 2010

Arson to Rock PDX at Symmetry

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This month's installment of SYMMETRY is gonna be a banger! 

We bring to you:

( / hoochiepalace)

This cat sold me with one CD. Come to find out, with a little research, and a full endorsement from SUFF-X,
he is more than worthy of anything thrown at him. Seriously, we here in PDX
are blessed to have this wizard in our presence. Catch up! You might get ran over.


Derrick has mad depth. I remember playing my first show here in PDX with him @ Therapy in maybe 2003(?)
and he had already BEEN bringing it for YEARS. A transplant from the original rave community (:P), he has been
here since before you knew the difference between 2step and techstep. The thing is, he has his ear on the pulse.
The tracks I hear come out of his soul during the times I get to hear, Command the crowd. You'll see.

(Phantom Hz / Endless Nights)

Rei seems to spend most of her precious nights in the studio and out of the club. Good looking out! We all wish we could.
At any rate, we are blessed with a moment in time where we will be in the club while Aurei is most likely dropping the fruits of her labor... (YAY!)

LoWeR/ Bloodshot Riddims/ Symmetry

Uh Oh. As a member of LoWeR and Bloodshot Riddims, as well as the founding father of SYMMETRY, it may be
in your best interest to show up early to witness the debauchery. He has a chip to burn clear off his shoulder.
Come absorb some radiation!
(And I promise to wear a shirt.)


21+/ donations for the DJ's

Brought 2 u by Biosonik Entertainment

Reposted from: NW Tekno (Underground hotspot for wash/oregon and the northwest united states)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Promoter Tip: Unique Flyers

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New 5" Round flyers from

I can't wait to get these new, round flyers under the drinks of all my friends in the Fargo-Moorhead area. What a great promotion on the all-new

Order them here:

Saturday, January 02, 2010

How Records Got Their Groove Back

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Photo by Mark Hooper
How Records Got Their Groove Back

As CDs fade away, there's a new vinyl answe
"They lied to us, man," he said.

Flipping through old vinyl albums at a used-record shop, I did what anyone does when a fellow human bares his soul: I ignored him. "They said CDs would sound better," he persisted. "They lied!" He rapped a vintage Ramsey Lewis album on the edge of the bin, like a gavel, releasing that distinct scent of dust and decomposing cardboard.

"I got rid of my record player. I let my records go. And they never even bothered to bring back half of my old jazz albums. Not half. It was like they hooked us, and then they gutted us."

It was a spontaneous outburst, but the gist of it I've been hearing for years among frequenters of the vinyl bins: despite the advantages of compact disks (CDs) over vinyl—you'll never hear a CD pop or click, and you can access any track instantly—the supposed perfection of the format was overstated. Of course, the companies were just as over-the-top about LPs. Here's a quote from my vinyl copy of Tony