Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hot New Mixes

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::Get it while its HOTTT::
Played their hot, wikked basslines and furious riddims to a captive audience at DIE MASCHINE in Winnepeg last Saturday, March 26th. Their combined skills rocked the canucks all night long... and we've got it all recorded!!!
  1. Clarity back-2-back with Dextrious (60 min:MP3)
  2. Tha Beatdown ~ Tagteam Set (45 min:MP3)
Go ahead, give a listen. You can thank us later!

- Frosty the DJ ;n)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


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If you're a fan of Icedbreaks, come out and have a blast at the East Gate Lounge every Thursday for College Night. That means that you'll get the most variety from DJ Joyride as he lays down the music YOU request while you sip on $3.00 Mugs -O- Brew.

You can send me your requests for the night before 5pm on Thursday and you can be certain that you'll hear it once you've arrived. Send your requests to requests@icedbreaks.com or click below.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

HUMP DAY w/ Joyride 'n KLMNOP ...

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Its HUMP DAY at Foxes...
Come enjoy 32oz draws for only $3
while DJs KLMNOP and Joyride
drop fresh house and breakbeat tracks
upon thy ears...

123 21st. St. n. - Moorhead
.o0O see you there O0o.

Birthday + Applet

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this is an audio post - click to play
Check out this applet

Saturday, March 05, 2005

FM Experiment Late Showing

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The FM Experiment will start an hour late tonight. Some high school kids neglected to start the pre-recorded show on-time.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Top Secret House Party

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Icedbreaks is hosting another houseparty on Saturday, March 5th.

The details of this event are TOP SECRET. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to acquire the location of the event, penetrate this party, and proceed to get down with the coolest djs in town.

An inside operative, HAL, has infiltrated the host's secure server to recover a file that is suspected to contain the address of the party. HAL has placed a link to the file on a small dance website based in Fargo, North Dakota. Look here.

Agent 420, this is VERY important. This top secret file is encrypted. You will not be able to view the document without a password. The password is the moniker of the head DJ of Icedbreaks Entertainment. HINT

The Big Beat
contact me if you need help

Joyride:: Battle of the Sexes :ONLINE:

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Well, it's about time- I know- that a mix from the past finally made it to the Icedbreaks domain.

**/// NOW AVAILABLE \\\**
DJ Joyride ~ Battle of the Sexes
71:59 min. [mp3 format] - 65Mb

Click >> HERE << to download free.

____Track List____
1 Runnin' Away 02:51
2 Movin' Too Fast 02:34
3 Sincere 02:41
4 Independent Woman 02:29
5 I Like... 03:17
6 Ladies Man 03:17
7 I Need You 04:51
8 Rock Tha Beat 01:58
9 Dreamin' 03:27
10 Put It On Me 03:20
11 702 - Earth 02:10
12 Sorry (I Messed Up) 03:36
13 Coochie Coo 02:19
14 Shai 02:48
15 You Mine 03:52
16 Bad Habit 02:52
17 Sand To The Beach 02:23
18 Shake 02:45
19 Case of the Ex 02:09
20 Don't Let It Get You Down 02:44
21 Take That 04:38
22 Rainy Days 04:01
23 Summer Days 04:19

contact: joyride@icedbreaks.com

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

FunKtion @ the OB :: March 2

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I've got some CDs to hand out at the OB tonight... see you if you're out!

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KMSC:: Digital Marmalade

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If you're a morning person, lend DragonRadio your ears from 10 - 11AM on Mondays and Wednesdays.

with host DJ JOYRIDE
Mon & Wed 10am - 11am

HERE is the Broadband Stream.
HERE is the Dial-up Stream.