Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mailing List: THE BREAKS

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Would you rather receive the info on this blog via e-mail instead of checking this page out every few days? For your convenience have just added a Mailing List called THE BREAKS.

THE BREAKS is an e-mail newsletter from Icedbreaks to provide our fans, followers, and scenesters easy access to the crew's landmarks. The newsletter delivers the same content as our BLOG straight to your InBox. Enter your e-mail address below to participate.




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Moorhead, MN

Pistol Pete's old building ([ Yahoo! Maps ]) behind the Safari Theater in Moorhead has received a face lift and will open as CLUB ECLIPSE, a dance club/bar on THURSDAY, AUGUST 11th. CLUB ECLIPSE will initially be open on Thursdays and Fridays. This place has pumpin sound and a brand new lighting rig. Stepping back into club mode, DJ JOYRIDE is ECLIPSE's house DJ until he leaves for an 8 week trip to Pasadena, CA in mid-September.

September is bringing the biggest changes within Icedbreaks since Arson moved to Portland and Peak 19 to Minneapolis nearly 3 years ago. DJs Star IV and Joyride have been pushing the Icedbreaks sound over the F-M airwaves for the last 6 years on KMSC Dragonradio and KNDS Radio Free Fargo. Having both graduated this past spring from Minnesota State University - Moorhead, they are headed to the Pacific coast.

» STAR IV » Portland, OR
Message from Star IV:
ok ok. so i'm moving to portland in mid-september. driving out to the coast with matt berg. living with my girlfriend lindsey, and our friend carrie. the reason for this message to you all is this, i only have a limited time before i go, and i want to hang out with you at some time. like i know i need to have dinner with my brother. caleb and sam i'll have to see in montuky. and i'm sure you folk in minneapolis i'll have to travel to see too. but either way i want to see you before i go. i might be CAhaving a party at my apartment around my birthday, but that's a party, i want one on one, or at least small gatherings.

get back at me!


» JOYRIDE » Pasadena, CA
Message from Joyride:
Well, it's finally time to start working all of the networking connectionsthat I've made throughout my college career. EBLAW Entertainment has invited me to intern at their studio in Pasadena! My focus will be maintaining and running the ProTools workstation and building EBLAW's website. I will also be working part time on a marketing team at a urban FM radio station in San Diego. My stay is much less permanent than Travis', currently only planning 8 weeks (Sept. 12 - mid Nov. ). Until then, the summer is just starting to heat up with the opening of CLUB ECLIPSE.... I hope to see you all out there.

Steppin' wide »» Joyride

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