Thursday, August 18, 2011

GET YOUR DANCE ON! * Mid-Week Freq * August 25th *

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- Thursday, August 25th - 
Dance at the Aquarium with

Aveey - Joyride - DJ KLMNOP - D.W. - Star IV - Frankie Z
.... The Friday Night Frequency Sessions ....

Cover is only $2. \\\ All proceeds to benefit KNDS Radio 

Click the poster for details!
Mid-Week Freq

Friday, July 01, 2011


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Fargo, ND

Earlier tonight, DJ Joyride (booking: 612-234-1143) was crowned Fargo-Moorhead Best DJ 2011 by the High Plains Reader ( This is the Third consecutive year that he received recognition by the people of Fargo (2009 best radio DJ - 2010 best performance DJ - 2011 Best DJ). Here are some words from Nick, who was unable to attend the big HPR Best Bets Celebration:

Thank you to the High Plains Reader, to KNDS Radio and each of you who have spent time on my dancefloor. Thank YOU to those who voted on the Internet, payed a cover charge an event I played for, or rolled down your windows and drove a little slower during my radio program. Thank you for participating in the mighty Red River Underground. If you have ever booked me at a show, private party, or we rocked your house party-- please keep working. People needs dance. People need the unity that your events make possible.

The Icedbreaks Crew is proud to represent 2 of the 4 nominees in this category for 2011, Joyride and Star IV. Both DJs are available for special events individually or as a tag team. Interviews with Joyride are available via telephone or in person the week of July 4th.

Media Inquiries / Booking:

Monday, April 18, 2011

What are you listening to today?

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What a Monday it is. I don't know how you're handling it... I've been listening to Katy B all day. Give it a shot... I bet it helps.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Design Zone by Spun Academy

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Years ago Brandon, a good friend of the Icedbreaks Crew, did a presentation of Spun Academy's technological capabilities by demonstrating a tangible interface synthesizer. His goal was to get access to the Museum's Rocket Scientists to take things to the next level, but found himself on the other side of the table. Instead of Brandon asking the questions, these curators had so many that Brandon couldn't get to his. 

He went over how the Spun Academy uses DJing, hip hop, electonica, etc. to get kids motivated to learn math, geometry, physics, and more. The curators immediately requested that Brandon and the Academy work with them to build exhibits to be featured at the museum. After countless emails, a visit to Spun Academy by the Institute design team, and a private conference...Design Zone was born. The project took years to complete and is now featured at OMSI's primary exhibit studio until May 30th, 2011. 

If you live in Oregon, or South Washington, get the whole family and group of friends together to enjoy this music inspired Design Zone!!!
"Visitors explore relationships between length and pitch in musical instruments, ratios and rhythms, and visual representations of sound in On Stage!, Dance Party, and the DJ Recording Studio. Area highlights include Laser Light DJ where visitors discover how laser light show technicians create mesmerizing patterns, and Turntables, where they can practice their DJ skills by trying to seamlessly match beats per minute to the tempo of a new song." - DESIGN ZONE  WEBSITE

The Portland, OR campus of Spun Academy is hosting a DJ Hero tournament through the month of March. For details, go to: