Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hoochiepalace Presents Broken Bass

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the flyers for Broken Bass came in yesterday.

Hoochiepalace is bringing back CTRL-Z from the UK. Once again Arson
shares the stage alongside that crazy duo of breaks who blew up the
Greek Cuisina on Valentines day. This time Star IV gets to hop along
the crazy ride as we move from a club setting into a rave!

This is Star IV's first booked gig in PDX since he moved out of Fargo
this fall. With the advantages of CDJs at his disposal for the first
time, expect things you've never heard from portlands newest Star.

Also performing will be....

Hardcoor - PDX - Hoochiepalace
Debt & Liar - PDX - Slipmat Science
DJ Lyfe - Bend - Slipmat Scienece

$10 Tix available at Platinum Records
$15 at the door

All ages